4 African grey facts will make you fall in love with him

African grey facts 1: lifespan


The first African grey fact is he can live a very long time. If it is healthy, your parrot will be able to meet your children and your children’s children. If your parrot is not well, it will tear its feathers.

If you want him to be happy, he has to spend a lot of time outside his cage and you have to give him a lot of attention. If all goes well, he can live to 60 years.

Think about it before adopting a parrot. He may be your companion until you too are a grandpa or a grandma

African grey facts 2: he’s very loyal.

When the African grey parrot or chooses his partner, chooses his partner,
It’s for life. Whether it is a parrot or a human, it is attached and remains faithful to it. he is so attached that he can become possessive with his partner.

As Jaco parrot says: you and forever.

He even manages to feel the emotions, mood, and energy of humans.

African grey facts 3: he likes to live in a group


The one also called the parrot from Gabon or Congo loves to stand in a group even if it is 200 parrots. It must be pretty cacophonous. He is a very sociable animal with those he knows, but more suspicious of strangers.

African grey facts 4: he’s talkative

you’ve already noticed, he’s very talkative. The African grey parrot is the champion talking about the world of birds. He can repeat short sentences that he has heard often, but he can’t hold a conversation becauseā€¦ he doesn’t know grammar.

At the age of 5, he can imitate sounds, sounds, and even the human voice. Whether it is that of a man or that of a woman.