4 Cockatiel facts to know about this lovely bird + sheet

To breed a cockatiel, you need to know the facts surrounding it, in order to know how to deal with it and to avoid doing things that might harm it

Cockatiel fact 1: A lovely personality

Cockatiel facts + sheet

A small psittacid par excellence, it makes an excellent pet bird. Funny and affectionate, it is known for easily adapting to all lifestyles. For Johanne Vaillancourt of the Johanne Vaillancourt Avian Centre, it is a good compromise between a small bird and a larger parrot. In parrots, it is always the first on the list for the funniest species!

Cockatiel fact 2: It is very easy to tame

Cockatiel facts + sheet

He is very easy to tame and can even learn to say a few words and whistle a few songs. It should be noted, however, that he is generally a better whistler than a speaker… It is not uncommon to see him dance and whistle a melody he loves and has heard several times!

Cockatiel fact 3: Social animal

In the wild, these birds live in very large groups. So they’re social animals. Your new companion will need your company and time. You should at least spend a minimum of one hour a day with your bird doing activities with him, bathing him, training him or flying him, etc.

These very sociable little birds are easier to breed than larger ones. As an adult, it reaches an average height of 30 cm. The cockatiel parakeet has an excellent popularity rating since it has good character traits and a good temperament.

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Cockatiel fact 4: Lifespan

Lifespan as pet birds can usually exceed ten years, generally, he can live between 10 and 20 years which is very interesting in itself.

cockatiel facts sheet

cockatiel facts sheet

Origin: Australia
Family: Cacatuids
Common Name: Cockatiel, Callopsite Parakeet
Longevity: 15 to 25 years
Length: 10 -13 inches
Maturity: 12 months but it is best to wait until the female is 18 months old.
Egg number: 4 to 6 eggs