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Here are the most problems that owning a parrot might gift. we tend to don’t seem to be making an attempt to speak you out of obtaining a parrot, however merely observing aspects of living with a parrot that you simply might not have thought of.

why I should adopt a parrot

The parrot is not only a sociable and tender bird, but it is also a funny and smart animal. If you like to chat, you will be satisfied. And you will have understood: it is not for nothing that people are told that they are real parrots!

On the hygiene side, grooming must go through a weekly bath. This will allow you to take care of your skin and long feathers. The principle is simple: put it in a bathtub with lukewarm water.

What does a parrot eat?

A parrot, like a human being, needs healthy food to be strong on a daily basis and live as long as possible. Vitamin, protein, high-fibre and mineral-rich foods will allow it to be strong and robust. These foods will also help to fight the risk of disease. You can give it fruits and greens.

parrot food

Most importantly, the food needs to be clean. A little tip to make sure the food is clean: put the fruits and vegetables in a basin containing 4 liters of water and pour in 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar. In addition, the following foods should be excluded to prevent your parrot from getting sick: chocolate, avocado, alcohol, meat, milk or uncooked cheese, potatoes.
I live in an apartment and/or I can’t stand the noise…

In this case, a low-noise parrot would suit you. Among the less noisy you can turn to the Pionus of Maximilian, the Youyou of Senegal or the Grey of Gabon which are relatively quiet parrots. Another alternative to the parrot is the large parakeet such as the calopsitte or the barraband.
You have to keep in mind that a bird needs to express itself and will always make a little noise.

Can all parrots talk?

Not all parrots talk! The grey of Gabon is the most gifted for this. Then come the Amazons, the blue-yellow ara and some cockatoos. And while parrots of these breeds can potentially speak, not everyone will.

Beak and feather disease in the African gray and other species

Is the parrot, a bird that lives a long time.

The parrot is a bird with a very high life expectancy, the conures will live about twenty years, birds like the caiques can live for forty years while birds like the Gabonese Greys, Amazons, cockatoos or macaws can live more than 80 years!

I wish a little parrot.

There are several small species of parrots such as pawns, caiques or conures. These birds have a taile ranging from 20 to 35cm.

I wish a big parrot

There are several species of parrots, the largest are the Arara whether it is ararauna, chloroptera, military or even macao. Others such as alba cockatoes or large yellow huts have a less impressive wingspan but are still very imposing.

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