Amazon birds your guide for this cute species

The Amazon bird is the most famous and widespread species in captivity of the New World parrots. It is a parrot of medium size, stocky, solid built, with a large beak and a small rounded tail.


There are 27 species and subspecies of Amazon.

10 to 17 inches long (25cm to 40cm).

Dominant color, the green.

Exclusively arboreal.

Group: Multi-species.

Very gregarious live in large groups, 50 or more individuals. It is not uncommon to find several species of Amazon in the same territory.

No sexual dimorphism except for the white-headed amazon (see description below).


amazon with blue forehead – amazon aestiva

The most popular of the amazons. Pretty to a very good speaker. Has a soft and childish little voice. Easy to reproduce in captivity. A very playful temperament likes to be part of the action. Very cabotin (singing, dancing, etc.). The tendency to make preferential associations.

Amazon with lilac crown

(Amazona finschi)

Undoubtedly the nicest of the Amazon. Predictable and less aggressive. Easy temperament, amazing for an amazon. Not shrill. He’s not a very good speaker, but he can say a few sentences with a good workout.

Amazon with orange wings

(amazona amazonica)

For a very long time, the most imported of the Amazon, hence its reputation as a wild bird. Amazons with orange wings born in captivity make excellent companions. Almost tied with the amazon with a lilac crown for tranquility. Quiet bird, not too loud. Secretes powder a bit like the gray of Africa. Often confused with the blue-faced amazon.

amazone à front blanc – Amazona albifrons

He also called Amazonian with glasses because of the coloring of his head (mask). Dimorphic species. Male: Alula (feathers at wingtip just above secondary blankets) and red primary blankets. The male also has more red around his eyes.

Female: Alula and green primary blankets. The smallest of the Amazon. It can be very noisy. Lots of temperament. An annoying fact is that it tends to bite (slightly to hard) the finger or hand before climbing. Not a very good speaker, but can make a few sentences. Very active, demonstrative and fun.

amazon with yellow nape – Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata

The strongest character and personality of the Amazon family. Very good speaker (ex aequo with the grey of Africa). Unpredictable, this bird has “moods”. Biting and defensive. Autocratic tendency (other birds or humans). Often the bird of a single person and can become aggressive and dangerous to the entourage. Easily overexcited. Very intelligent but excessive. An incredible sweetness for his partner (bird or human). However, reputed to have “elastic” short as well as a strong intolerance to any form of annoyance.

Amazon double factor yellow – Amazona ochrocephala oratrix

Very good speaker and especially singer. A lot of personalities, but without the bad temperament traits of the Amazon with a yellow nape and more predictable than the latter. Little childish love to draw attention to him. Very affectionate.

Amazon with yellow front

(Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala)

Very good speaker. A lot of personalities, too, without the bad temperament traits of the amazon with a yellow nape. Calm and temperate, it is the most trustworthy. Very demonstrative bird.

The amazon

Generally, for the average person, when you think parrot, you think amazon. He is THE real pirate parrot, at least he has often been represented on the shoulder of the latter.

He’s the most desirable parrot there is.

It is the species of parrot best suited to life in captivity with humans. There is amazon for each person. I simply believe that Amazon has the ability to get in step with any human, in just about any context. I’ve seen serious amazons who lived with intellectuals, Cabotan amazons who lived with extroverts, family amazons who lived with a bunch of loud, dissipated kids and all in perfect harmony.

So the amazon is a very adaptable parrot. It’s not a bird that tends to behavioral pathology. Some Amazon can endure living conditions that would make any other species of parrot completely mad and get away with virtually no scratches.

The amazon is a very demonstrative bird, overflowing and exuberant. It is not a shy bird, it would be more of the cabotin genre. When an amazon is happy, everyone knows about it, but if he is upset, he knows how to prove it.

The Amazon is a very temperamental bird!

It is also a very easily excitable bird. It is better to know the body language of these birds, which are also quite unpredictable in nature. Horny amazon: eyes that blink (constriction of pupils), fantail and struts from front to back. If an Amazon acts like this in your presence, it is better not to insist and pass.

Most amazons are good to very good speakers and intelligible, but they can also be very noisy, especially in the breeding season. Here, very good socialization is required. An Amazon, even if well educated, will never be able to completely suppress his need to blow off his voice; like all parrots, he will have his daily periods of exuberance.

The Amazon is an empathic bird and the degree of noise generated by it is generally proportional to the level of ambient noise.

By its expansive nature, Amazon loves to sing and dance and excels in this field.

He’s also a very good acrobat and contortionist. He has the genius to find the most preposterous positions, usually with the aim of drawing the spotlight on his little person.

Very good manual dexterity in handling objects meticulously.

He’s a very obedient parrot, and when he learns the rules of the house, he doesn’t tend to ignore them.

The Amazon is a bird very “in love”.

He is totally faithful and devoted to his companion (human or bird). On the other hand, it can become extremely protective in the breeding season.

Even outside the breeding season, the amazon takes a malicious pleasure in intimidating its surroundings (other birds/animals, humans), if these are easily impressionable.The amazon tends to obesity and liver problems. This bird’s diet should focus on low-fat foods