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Bird Safe things And Materials

One side of pet bird possession that’s typically unnoticed is that the ought to rigorously select bird safe things for your home. several merchandises that we tend to wouldn’t moot concerning exploitation will have terribly damaging effects on our birds. If you’re within the habit of permitting your bird to move around your house a touch, you wish to confirm that they are doing not have access to materials that may be harmful.

 We conjointly ought to take care concerning what varieties of toys and different things we tend to use in their cages. the selection of the incorrect kind of toys or perches will result in tragic consequences. Here’s an outline of some merchandise that area unit safe for birds. we’ll conjointly see some that ought to either not be used, or used terribly rigorously, in your home if you’ve got a pet bird.

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Bird Safe Paint


The paint will are available in contact along with your bird through a variety of various avenues. Bird cagesand toys area unit one potential supply of exposure. If your bird has access to painted walls or article of furniture then they will be in grips with probably harmful substances. Good cage manufacturer’s grasp to get rid of lead and different toxins from most cage paints and so have mitigated the matter of your bird ingesting poisons. however, you must take further care with business grade paints as they’ll be subject to less rigorous safety controls. You want to use a paint with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). These area unit compounds that leach into the air because the paint dries. tho’ some paints have low-levels, it’s best to be VOC free within the paint you select because the compounds can have an effect on each you and your pet birds. A scenario several pet bird homeowners face is that the prospect of repainting a cage. With correct preparation and paint selection, this will be an excellent approach of extending the lifetime of your bird’s quarters. 

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Bird Safe cooking utensil


Non-stick cooking utensil, like Teflon, emits gasses once heated that area unit toxic to your pet bird. Improper use of this kind of cooking utensil has been to blame for the end of the many pet birds. to boot, if you cook for your pet with this cooking utensil, the coating will chip and introduce toxins into your bird’s food. this kind of cooking utensil must be used terribly rigorously with ventilation keeping all the unwholesome fumes removed from your bird. A better choice for bird homeowners is to use a cooking utensil that doesn’t create this drawback. it’s well well worth the replacement prices of your kitchen utensil to form completely certain that your bird stays safe. you’ll be able to scan a lot of concerning Teflon poisoning and bird safe cooking utensil here, together with lists of forged iron, ceramic, and stainless-steel cooking utensil that area unit safe to be used around your birds.

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Bird Safe Plants

Birds within the wild instinctively grasp that plants could also be dangerous. Your pet bird might not have these facilities and it’s your responsibility to limit your selection of houseplants to those who area unit safe for your pets.  Some plants area unit extraordinarily toxic-ant to birds and want to be avoided therefore birds cannot acquire access to them. Consult a listing  before buying any houseplants. Review what you will have already got in your home and take acceptable action for the protection of your bird.

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Bird Safe Wood

Many things that you just can use along with your birds are going to be a minimum of part made from wood. you will be inclined to make a bird tree out of branches or to form your own perches. like houseplants, you wish to require care that the wood you utilize is non-toxic to your pet.  Experts have some distinction of opinion relating to the protection of some varieties of wood. Below we’ve compiled a list for you of each safe and unsafe woods: When creating toys or perches, you wish to contemplate the hardness of the wood, and therefore the kind of bird you’ve got. Your parrot could destroy softer woods terribly quickly and be all uninterested with a really laborious wood that they can not chew. even be terribly careful to shop for woods that haven’t been treated with toxic-ant chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. a lot of details on exploitation bird safe wood throughout building construction will be found here.Bird Safe ToysWood toys for your pet bird ought to be manufactured from bird-safe woods as delineate on top of. Toys manufactured from cardboard and significant paper are often an honest choice if you would like your bird to possess one thing they will shred. Other toys, like those created out of rope and plastic, will create issues. Rope toys will fray and your bird will get its claws and feet tangled in it, inflicting stress or injury. Plastic toys gift a variety of potential problems. concerning the security of your bird, you would like to confirm that the bird cannot crack the toy and be exposed to sharp edges and slivers of plastic. Another issue to contemplate is that the everlasting properties of plastic, therefore once the toy is discarded it’ll sleep in a lowland forever. perishable toys create a far better selection for your pet and therefore the planet.

Bird Safe Metals

Zinc and lead square measure 2 of the foremost problematic metals for your pet birds. they’re very venomous and will be all avoided in constructing your pet’s setting. As a general rule, metals that square measure galvanized once fastening square measure safe whereas galvanized BEFORE fastening isn’t safe. chrome steel is probably the most effective metal to use with birds however conjointly the foremost big-ticket. 

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Bird Safe Disinfectants

Birds have very sensitive metabolic process systems that square measure simply wedged by mobile chemicals. beware once cleansing your bird’s cage, perches, and any space in shut proximity to your craniate housemate. Safe, homemade disinfectants to use square measure gentle dishwasher detergent, white distilled vinegar and water, steam, grapefruit-seed extract, and bicarbonate. 

Bird Safe Aromatic things

The same considerations over disinfectants carry over to the employment of aromatic air-freshers, candles or incense in your home. Aerosol sprays ought to be avoided even once used a considerable distance aloof from your bird because the toxins within the merchandise linger within the air and may travel throughout the house. niggler fresheners also can be venomous and will not be used.  Candles manufactured from 100 percent beeswax with no additives square measure safe to be used in your home. Incense will impact the bird’s system similarly as its respiration and will be avoided.

Bird Safe Glass and Windows

With correct superintendence, glass mustn’t be a serious drawback for your pet bird. Don’t expose them to uncovered windows or mirrors and you must be fine.  Pet bird homeowners, altogether probability, conjointly care concerning the wild craniate populations outside their homes. to shield against birds blooming into your windows, you’ll use water-base paint or decals that the birds acknowledge that there’s a barrier to be avoided. New sorts of bird-safe glass square measure on the market for construction that have Associate in Nursing ultraviolet reflective coating visible to the birds, or have silk-screened styles that alert the bird that this can be not Associate in Nursing open space safe for flight.

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