Can we tame a Budgerigar parakeet?

Can we tame a Budgerigar parakeet?

The Budgerigar parakeet or Melopsittacus undulatus Over time, this bird became more famous as a pet. This bird is easy to tame, not least because it is a very intelligent and loves company.

The Budgerigar parakeet qualities

The Budgerigar parakeet comes in a wide colored palette, ranging from blue to yellow to beautiful greys. But beyond its aesthetic qualities, the parakeet has a particularly pleasant character. Belonging to the large family of Psittacidae or parrots, this bird is among the most intelligent. He is also generally curious, energetic, playful, and friendly, qualities that will facilitate his taming and make him a companion to whom you will be attached.

Can we tame a Budgerigar parakeet?

As an animal with a gregarious instinct, t The Budgerigar parakeet needs to belong to a group and develop interactions with it, even if its group is composed, not of its fellows or even of other birds, but only of humans. She, therefore, appreciates not only the attention that can be given to her but also any learning activity that will be offered to her.

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Old or young budgerigar parakeet

Taming the parakeet is easier if the bird is less than 3 months old. Young parakeets are more malleable because their attitude of distrust and caution in the face of all situations is less developed. They will be able to get closer more quickly.

Old or young  budgerigar parakeet

Although the species is generally characterized by a personality focused on interaction, each bird has its own character and experience. The more curious the animal is, the less fearful it is, so taming will be easier and faster. It is therefore important to take your time to choose your future pet.

What can we expect from taming a The Budgerigar parakeet?

Its attraction to learning activities leads this bird to learn tricks. You may have seen videos of parakeets playing on a skateboard or in a maze. So you can be inventive, as long as you respect your pet.

But most importantly – which is perhaps the most exciting for a human – you may consider teaching him to speak. Most of The Budgerigar parakeets have a very good ability to mimic ambient noise, and language is one of them.

What can we expect from taming a  The Budgerigar parakeet?

A male parakeet will be better than a female parakeet to imitate the human voice. One of the most famous parakeets was Sparkie. She was known for the 531 words and 383 phrases she knew when she died in 1962. The record to be broken, appearing in The Guinness World Records, is 1728 words of vocabulary.

Through patience and repetition, you can hope that your parakeet becomes a companion for a verbal exchange!

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To tame a parakeet, you must love it

To tame a parakeet, you must love it

It goes without saying that you have to give your parakeet food and water properly. Calm is also important, promoting taming because the animal reassured, will more easily become accustomed to its environment.

Given the energy of this species of bird, its development requires to make toys available: swings, mirrors, colorful and shiny toys, even sound.

The bird also needs to stretch its wings several times a day, once the taming is complete, you can open the cage and let it fly (thinking of condemning all the exits of the room beforehand, because even tamed, your parakeet could give way to the call of the great outdoors).

To love your parakeet is to give it attention and therefore time. Left alone in her cage and isolated from all company, she risks nervous disorders or even getting sick.

And if you want to do more than take her hand, scratch her head and smooth her feathers, and you want to teach her tricks, favor positive reinforcement methods that promote the cooperation of the animal, without forcing him: his well-being will be better!