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An unbalanced or incomplete diet could be a common drawback with pet birds and could be a comparatively common reason behind the malady. there’s an absence of scientific study on craniate nutrition, particularly because it relates to the various species. whereas our craniate nutrition remains in early stages, most consultants agree that a decent diet for parrots begins with a developed diet with a spread of alternative foods superimposed as supplements. and a lat of people wondering  what food parrot love and what parrot can’t eat. and in this article we will clarify this.


For most pet birds, particularly parrots and parakeets, a diet primarily based totally on seeds is deficient in several nutrients, together with A and metal, and is simply too high in fat. this can be to not say that seed doesn’t have an area in craniate diets, however, several birds return to like them to the exclusion of alternative healthy selections and might be fussy once it involves attempting a varied diet. Some birds can even identify some of favorites from a seed combine, that more reduces the organic process balance within the diet. once it involves parrot nutrition, take into account seeds to be somewhat like junk food: birds love them, however, they’re not the healthiest selection. for many species of parrot, seeds ought to solely structure concerning ten % of the diet. Some species, like budgies and cockatiels, area unit naturally seed eaters and might tolerate a better proportion of seed within the diet, however even for these birds, seeds ought to solely structure concerning twenty-five % of the diet.
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Formulated Diets

Many years past, realizing that a lot of parrots were tormented by organic process deficiencies, firms began manufacturing pelleted diets for pet birds. These area units made up of a spread of foods together with grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and area unit baked into pellet or style of alternative extruded shapes. These give a balanced alimentary diet and forestall birds from selecting out their favorite food things and going the remainder. However, many birds, particularly those started on a seed primarily based diet, don’t promptly go for consumption a developed diet. As well, developed diets, although well balanced, don’t give the range and stimulation that a lot of pet birds crave in their diets (after all, consumption a similar factor day when would be boring for anyone). Therefore, pellets are thought-about the “base” of the bird’s diet, comprising 50-60 % of what the bird show.
Some smart brands of developed diets embrace Harrison’s, Zupreem, Kaytee, Pretty Bird, and Roudybush. As these diets grow in acceptance and recognition, manufacturer’s area unit manufacturing lines developed for specific species and conjointly for health management (e.g. lower calorie diets for weight management). As mentioned earlier, these diets are available in a spread of shapes from larger chunks all the way down to crumbles, and you’ll ought to experiment to seek out the kind your bird prefers. Some birds, particularly those accustomed a seed primarily based diet, is also troublesome to modify to a developed diet.
As we tend to return to a far better understanding of the organic process desires of birds, the suggested diet for pet parrots includes a spread of alimentary freshly ready foods additionally to a developed diet (pellets) and a little proportion of seeds. bear in mind that the majority freshly ready foods can spoil promptly, and may be far from the cage when some of the hours. If your bird isn’t promptly acceptive new foods, strive to provide them early within the morning or within the evening, times once birds naturally forage for food within the wild.
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Fresh vegetable area unit an excellent addition to your bird’s diet. Not all vegetable area unit equally alimentary though; vegetables like celery and lettuce area unit high in fiber and water however area unit otherwise not all that alimentary. Dark yellow and ivy-covered inexperienced vegetable area unit sometimes glorious selections. you’ll provide vegetables in a very style of forms to stimulate the bird to do them – recent whole or cut, or fried and fed slightly heat. strive hanging vegetables from the facet of the detain a clip, or providing them in chunks that larger birds will obtain with their feet to gnaw on. you’ll ought to be artistic to urge them to do things and also the aim is to urge your bird to eat as many alternative sorts of vegetables as potential. strive a spread of vegetables such as:
Carrots (root and tops)
Sweet potatoes
Leafy greens like collards, kale, greens, Indian mustard, Swiss chard, beet greens, and blowball greens
Green beans
Sweet red, yellow and inexperienced peppers
Broccoli (head and leaves)
Sugar snap or snow peas
Romaine or green/red leaf lettuce (small amounts)
Corn (kernels, or on the cob for larger birds)
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Again, you would like to feed a large selection, not simply a favorite few. several birds love fruit and can make it, therefore, limit fruits to a reasonably tiny portion of the diet. like vegetable, many
of the additional, deeply colored fruits contain additional nutrition, and it’s sensible to undertake to feed a range of additional tropical kind fruits parrots may well be exposed to in their native habitats. However, make certain they are doing not eat pits or apple seeds as these may be toxicant. strive fruits such as this parrot food list:
Cantaloupe (without the rind), alternative melons
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Other Foods

Birds may be fed a range of alimental grains, like done rice, quinoa, oats, wheat, barley, and pasta. Whole wheat bread and sugarless whole wheat cereals may be offered. done legumes like beans, lentils, and peas are a superb addition to their diets. Birdsmay be offered little amounts of lean well-cooked meat and poultry and done eggs.
Sprouted Seeds
Sprouted seeds are a superb supply of nutrition for pet birds and a superb thanks to supplementing with greens. Freshly up seeds are an organic process gold mine, because the seed mobilizes its organic process content into an extremely light and bioavailable type because it starts to grow. up seeds are wealthy in vitamins and minerals yet as enzymes and antioxidants, and a few think about them to be natures most good food. In any case, they’re a superb thanks to offering an organic process boost and most birds love them. data on growing seeds may be found in “Sprouting for Healthier Birds.”

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

It is sometimes a decent plan to supply a cuttlebone (for further calcium) however otherwise, further nourishment and mineral supplements don’t seem to be required if you’re feeding a well-balanced diet supported developed foods supplemented with a range of nutrition home-prepared foods. extra supplements ought to solely run on the recommendation of your MD.
Chocolate, avocado, and rhubarb mustn’t be fed. Of course, don’t offer any beverages containing alkaloid or alcohol. Avoid processed meats or alternative foods high in nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, or flavorer (MSG). Onions, up to the capital of Peru, fava and navy beans, fruit pits and apple seeds ought to even be avoided.
Stay away from junk foods and any foods high in fat, salt, or sugar. Birds also are disaccharide intolerant thus milk merchandise ought to be restricted to little amounts of misfortune and yogurt.
Some consultants and house owners are involved concerning feeding peanuts within the shell as a result of they will be contaminated with fungus genus plant life, which may cause respiratory disease yet as manufacturing a poisonous substance (aflatoxin, a potent carcinogen). If you feed raw peanuts, get sensible quality human grade peanuts and don’t feed if there’s any sign of mold. Shelled, blanched (unsalted, of course) peanut ar fine. All food ought to be inspected and discarded if there are any signs of mold.

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