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Parrots eat 50% of fruits and vegetables supplemented by 50% dry food or croquettes to supplement their nutritional intake. Quality, varied and healthy food will affect a healthy and happy parrot. Of course, you need to study the species of parrots in particular to finish defining its diet correctly.

In this article from PlanetAnimal, we explain which fruits and vegetables for parrots are most appropriate by examining their nutritional value.

Remember that a diet with a lack of vegetables and fruit promotes the appearance of diseases and a low level of activity in your parrot.

Why are fruits and vegetables so important?

A good diet of the parrot means that 50% of its diet consists of dry food already prepared. This type of food consists of seeds, minerals and vitamins and helps to supplement its nutritional needs so that it does not have a deficiency.

However, more and more people are turning to a natural and healthy diet, imitating what their parrots find in their original habitat. For this, it is essential that you learn about the exact seeds that are beneficial to the species of your parrot. Here are some examples of seeds:

the alpist                                          hemp

Thistle                                              safflower

yellow millet                                  sunflower

buckwheat                                      oats                                            Pumpkin

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Supplementing his diet with various fruits and vegetables is fundamental for him to receive natural vitamins suitable for parrots instead of artificial vitamins. Here we explain which ones are most desirable and how you should prepare them.

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Fruits for the parrot

Fruits are ideal and directly impact the colors of your parrot’s plumage, and also help it stay healthy and active. However, it is important to check what kind of fruit you give it, as it some have a high sugar content, which could harm its health in case of excess.

Ideally, buy a wide variety of pieces of fruit each week and change so that your parrot gets the different vitamins it needs. It should receive three different types of fruit each day. Remember to wash the fruit properly to avoid the presence of pesticides.

What fruits  can i give every day to my parrot:

apple              pear                    tangerine              orange              apricot
blueberry                strawberry              grapefruit              watermelon
kiwi          pineapple            papaya          khaki                the grenades

What  fruits i need to ration 2 or 3 times a week:

mango                Cherry          grapes            melon                banana
fishing                  The nefle

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Vegetables for parrot

Parrots extract the necessary protein from the vegetable, so it is important to identify the most important contributions of this type of plant that you need to offer your parrot. For a full protein intake, you should also include a small serving of pulses from time to time, something we’ll tell you about at the next point.

As with fruit, you should make sure to wash all the pieces thoroughly before giving them away.

The vegetables you can donate daily:

spinach                broccoli          artichoke          beans        celery     cauliflower
tomato              green pepper          red pepper          yellow pepper
orange pepper            chard        endive      scarole        Carrot    radish

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The vegetables you need to ration 2 or 3 times a week:

salad                      cooked sweet potato                baked potato

More natural foods

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also offer other natural foods to your parrot so that his diet is very rich and nutritious:

Pulses: Legumes are a fantastic addition to your parrot, but no more than once or twice a week. They must be soaked so as not to be hard when you give them to it. For example: lentils, chickpeas, soy, quinoa.
Rice: Like pulses, rice is a cereal that can be beneficial to your parrot. You should also soak it so that it swells and does not cause serious intestinal problems.

Dry fruit

This type of food should be offered very occasionally so as not to cause problems in the digestive system of the parrot. You can use it as a reward if you work small tricks. They are particularly suitable for colder periods. Examples include nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or pine nuts.

Prohibited food for parrots

The foods we detail below can be very bad for your parrot’s health, you should avoid them at all costs:

The lawyer

What is the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables per day?
Ideally, feed your parrot twice a day to make them feel fuller for longer. The ration will depend directly on the species, as there are more or less large parrots. Ideally, larger parrots such as macaws require a cup and a half, while smaller ones such as loris are content with 3/4 of a cup.