How do you choose a birdcage for your parrot?

How do you choose a cage for your parrot?

Parrots are birds whose choice and purchase must be done in a thorough manner. that why picking a cage is a choice that must be taken carefully, The parrot is one of the most fashionable new pets, but also one of the most abandoned. Moreover, and this is even more important for the future owner that you are brought to be.

Parrots are birds that require a huge station and the greatest cleaning achievable as well as a cage with space and toys. In a cage, the parrot wants to be able to move far enough so as not to be unhappy. And the only way a parrot can translate this into bites.

The parrot’s place of life

A cage is above all a place of daily life, in which a bird recovers, has fun, eats, takes a bath, grooms, flies in some cases, but also reproduces. This is by no means a prison or a place of confinement, and as such, you must take a few precautions for the comfort of your protégé. You will have the opportunity to win a cage for your parrot either by buying it new or by taking a used cage: whatever happens, in both cases, it should be washed and rinsed well so that the bird does not suffer from breathing and/or eating cleaning products.

The big rules to follow

The height of the cage should also be well chosen, as there are birds that like to climb. Be careful if you want to put a small bird (canary, corrugated parakeet) in a large cage. Generally, large cages have large spacings and are therefore not suitable for small species. So pay attention and choose a small spacing. The population of the cage should also be taken into account. A cage should only contain – normally – two individuals of the same species, same-sex or different sex. A cage should not turn out to be overcrowded which could make your parrot unhappy and could trigger epidemics.