Are Bird’s Hormones have an effect on Behavior


parrots hormons behaviors

Mature birds tend to become secretion once a year within the spring, once the quantity of natural lightweight is longer than the quantity of darkness. Birds area unit “photosensitive,” which means that area unit sensitive to lightweight and its cycles. Some birds don’t show abundant modification once the spring comes, and others could become sullen, aggressive, remarkably loud and territorial. 

and some hormones has an effect on reproductive migration stress 

Some could lay eggs although there’s no mate around, and a few can embark on to make a nest out of no matter it will realize.


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When your bird is behaving hormonally, it’s vital to not handle the bird in an exceeding method that may be misconstrued as sexual behavior. This includes smooching down on the rear and inspiring regurgitation behavior.


If your bird is in an exceeding secretion part, take away something that may be viewed as a nest, together with all huts and boxes. Don’t encourage nest building. If you do, the sole issue you’ll wear your hands is associate degree aggressive bird that’s bent on defensive its nest.


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If the secretion behavior is out of hand, e.g., your bird won’t enable you close to his cage and/or bites you viciously, you’ll be able to try and temper its hormones by limiting the quantity of sunshine he gets per day too but twelve hours. 10 hours of sunshine per day ought to facilitate the hormones subside. In any case, once fall comes and therefore the clocks modification, your bird’s secretion behavior ought to begin to dissipate naturally