Parrot Potty training : 3 steps to Quickly bathroom Train A Bird

One of the most important issues of owning a parrot is the creation of mess caused by them. This mess is mostly created once they eat, once they play with their toys and once they poop.

In a shot to limit the issues caused by random pooping, there area unit ways by that you’ll try and potty train your parrot. this can be primarily teaching them to stool on command, and should not continually be healthy for your bird. Another angle to contemplate once attempting to manage your parrot’s mess is to be told the telltale signs that they have to travel and place them in an exceedingly selected location at that point.


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 Knowing once Your Parrot has to Poop

It is best to undertake potty coaching with an offspring. Older birds may also learn however it’ll take longer and patience on your half.  the primary issue you would like to try to do is study your bird’s behavior. Observe the frequency at that your bird is eliminating. This interval ought to be fairly regular, with larger birds going less typically. Use this point interval as a suggestion for ramping up your attention throughout coaching.

Your parrot can show some activity characteristics that indicate it’s preparing or would really like to poop. These embody obtaining anxious and touring, maybe even rising down from your shoulder. Most birds perform a backing-up or squatting motion simply before they really go.

Potty coaching Your Parrot

 there are unit primarily 3 steps concerned in potty coaching your bird. They are:

  • Paying attention  As mentioned on top of, knowing the frequency and signs that your bird is making ready to eliminate waste can enable you to be ready for future step within the method.
  • Watch and reward together with your bird in its cage or perch, stay up for a shitting. once it happens, reward the parrot by taking it out of its cage and praiseful it with the word or phrase you have got chosen because the command for this behavior.
  • Wait and repeat  will be wherever knowing the approximate interval can be useful in not wasting some time.

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Consistently using these steps will enable your parrot to be potty trained. Over time your parrot can
perceive these coaching ideas and you’ll provide it the command word to a stool at applicable times.

You may be able to any modify your bird’s behavior with a lot of advanced coaching that’s designed to show it to a stool in an exceedingly sure location. currently, after you notice its preliminary signals provides it a “No” command and quickly move it to your chosen spot. currently, offer the potty command and wait till the bird poops. Then praise it and decide your parrot make a copy.

Good luck in your attempts to potty train your parrot. Below is associate educational video from the well-known parrot trainer referred to as the Parrot Wizard which will assist you to start

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