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Bringing a parrot is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have, and the people who own it know that feeling. If you are planning to have a parrot, this item will help you choose one of the essential accessories to raise a bird.

The birdcage is where your bird spends its life. This makes your choice to buy a birdcage an important decision that must take into account many information and details. Here we help you choose your birdcage by showing you some of the best birdcages.

nameimagessizeour ratingsprice
Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought
Iron Rolling
Yaheetech 61-inch Rolling Wrought Ironlarge4.7
Wrought Iron Flight Cagelarge4.7

Yaheetech 59-inch Rolling Standingmedium4.5
Yaheetech 39-inch Roofsmall4.4
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Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling

Dimensions: 61.3 x 25.8 x 25.8 inches.                                                    BrandName:Yaheetech. 

Item Weight:  37.6 Pounds.        

Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling is the first cage that can be recommended for any bird owner, because of its large space which can host many birds and give them enough space for play. the cage can shelter any sort of birds even African gray parrot, Cockatiels, amazon, love birds… the metal cage coated with non-toxic hammertone paint wich corrosion and rust resistance. and a narrow grill for the head safety of birds. and tow feeder doors.

In the top of the cage, there are tow feeders from stainless steel that gives you an additional feed place when the birds are outside of the cage with a ladder and a wooden perch.

At the interior part of the cage your bird benefits from a stand and 3 feeders bowls, one bungee rope with a bell manufactured from metal wire and polyester, strong enough to withstand the bites from your pets.

Yaheetech 61-inch Rolling Wrought Iron

review for 5 best bird cages in 2019|petsbirds

Item Weight: 37.6 Pound
Item Dimensions: 61.3 x 25.8 x 25.8 inches
Brand Name: Yaheetech

This cage has the same features Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling but it smaller is just 61-inch First of all, the star cage maybe a spacious choice for your parrot or assortment of medium birds. Not solely is that this cage neat to carry your birds well, however, it’s additionally secure instrumentation for your active birds. it’s an ideal home for your feathered friends. the planning is trendy nevertheless easy, and its size is ideal not just for parrots except for cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, and different mediums and huge birds.

Wrought Iron Flight Cage

review for 5 best bird cages in 2019|petsbirds
Item Weight: 19 Pounds   
Item Dimensions: 31 x 20.5 x 53 inches
Brand Name: Prevue Hendryx

LARGE SPACE: The Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Cage provides your birds all the area they have to flutter around and many of perching opportunities to assemble, rest and play.

Get the proper home for your canaries, finches, or parakeets. trailer Hendryx Pet merchandise atomic number 26 Flight Cage is what you would like to stay your vertebrate friends safe and enjoying life. This cage options four double plastic cups and three wood perches.

You can simply maintain high levels of hygiene victimization this cage; the very cheap grille and drawer come with a slippery mechanism that helps to avoid wasting time in cleanup providing your vertebrate pets with longer to get pleasure from. moreover, the cage comes with a sturdy atomic number 26 construction that produces it extremely sturdy. it’s super straightforward to assemble the cage.

Yaheetech 59-inch Rolling Standing

review for 5 best bird cages in 2019|petsbirds
Package Weigte: 23.3 pounds.
Item Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 59 inches.
Brand Name: Yaheetech

This cage with stand is formed of premium iron frame, plastic receptacle and wheel, and solid wood perch,yaheetech Open prime bird cage style, enticing black end solid epoxy frame
2 timber perches, a pair of stainless-steel feeders, simple feeder doors, 12pcs screws, and nuts 4 heavy PVC wheels,2 w/ brakes for safety stability, a slide-out plastic receptacle for a simple improvement.

Yaheetech 39-inch Roof

review for 5 best bird cages in 2019|petsbirds
Item Dimensions: 18.1 x 14 x 39 inches
Item Weight: 10.58 Pounds
Brand Name: Yaheetech

This Cage is for Small Quaker Parrots Cockatiels Sun Parakeets Green Cheek Conures Budgie Finch Lovebird Canary.

bird cage accessories came with the cage: 4 x Feeders; 3 x Wooden Perches; 2 x Toys; 1 x Ladder; 1 x Swing 2 toys, a ladder, and a swing.

VERSATILE: Yaheetech small parrot bird cage is suitable for both home and outdoor use; large space, simple and thoughtful design makes it a perfect choice for pet stores and pet hospitals, also can be used for decoration in flower shops

CONSIDERATE DESIGNS: Yaheetech lovebird cage features with 0.4’’ bar spacing to keep your birds safe in the cage; 2 side-opening composite doors convenient for birds in small size like canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, parakeets to use; 7 small doors (3 on the side, 4 on the front) are prepared for assembling feeders (included), breeding box (not included) and bird bath (not included)

SAFE & SECURE: Each door has arc-shaped wire serves as a lock, preventing birds from opening the door; full painted budgie cage with smooth surface, 3 polished wooden perches and 4 eco-friendly feeders offer your lovely birds a safe and healthy environment; 2 hooks to secure the bottom tray to the cage