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Lovebirds (Agapornis spp.) square measure tiny parrots price considering. solely slightly larger than parrotlets, they are doing not take up a good deal of house and breed simply. Their quality on the show circuit is growing.

Lovebirds commonly lay four to 6 eggs, that they incubate for twenty-one days. The chicks typically wean at intervals eight weeks.

According to Wendy Edwards of North Carolina, the most effective diet for lovebirds could be a combination of seed and pellets and contemporary vegetables, dark bowery greens and fruits ought to be offered daily.

“Although the name lovebird suggests that they must be unbroken in pairs, it’s solely necessary if you plan to breed these beauties. Pet lovebirds ought to be unbroken alone so that they can bond with their owner,” Edwards aforementioned.

One of the drawbacks of lovebirds, particularly if you have got a variety of them, is their constant chatter. whereas singly they’re not loud, they speak among themselves continuously and a few notices the din annoying. Of course, it doesn’t equate to examination to a parrot or maybe a conure.

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Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) have long been one in every of the most effective tiny parrots to stay and breed. they’re not the foremost colorful members of the parrot family, however, their charming personalities and pleasant vocalizations build them one in every of the foremost widespread pet birds. Thus, demand for cockatiels remains high.

The numerous color mutations of cockatiels currently accessible have solely exaggerated interest in these birds. several cockatoo parrot breeders unknowingly become well-versed in biology. Cockatiels mature quickly and will begin breeding at one year recent.

Although larger cages square measure much more acceptable and fascinating, cockatiels will be got wind of for breeding in cages two or three feet long. they will even be got wind of as a colony during a larger flight. A typical clutch includes four eggs; the hens typically don’t begin incubating till the second egg is ordered.

Cockatiels breed prolifically and generally keep oldsters, feeding and caring for the chicks till they’re removed for hand-feeding or sale.

Cockatiels do generate a good quantity of mud thus air cleaners are also necessary if housed inside. they’re typically
considered one in every of the most effective “starter” birds for aviculturists.

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Green-Cheeked Conures

Green-cheeked conures (Pyrrhura molinae) square measure tiny, pleasant birds whose quality has remained steady through most changes within the agricultural marketplace. These South yank parrots breed well in captivity, typically parturition many clutches of 3 to eight eggs annually.

They are quiet and little enough to be unbroken and bred inside likewise as outdoors. Your initial prices won’t be as high like another species, as a result of they’re comparatively cheap to accumulate and take up very little house. many color mutations fuel continued interest in inexperienced cheeks, increasing their market price.for potty trainig birds you can read this

Green cheeks don’t need a special diet and square measure usually hardy birds. Feed them top quality, tiny hookbill seed combine, pellets and a range of fruits, vegetables and up seeds.

Active and fun, these very little birds aren’t particularly loud creating them additional fascinating to some pet bird homeowners. they’re not, however, the foremost gifted talkers, however, they create up for the deficiency with large temperament.

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