Training your bird: how to teach a bird to do potty

It is possible to teach some birds to make their needs to order but it is difficult. This learning requires great patience, regularity. We have to be careful about the risks associated with this education.

Bird training

Needs to order

It is very rare for a bird to become completely clean as a cat or dog can be. In the wild, the bird does its needs in the morning when it wakes up and rarely at night. This avoids leaving information to predators. He also does his needs just before flying off to lighten up. For a domestic bird, you should expect to pick up the droppings fairly regularly throughout the day. It requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance. You have to establish a great relationship of trust before you start any training. The sessions should be short but can be repeated several times a day. You will have to show enthusiasm when the exercises are successful, choose the most appreciated treats, be patient.

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Learn how to clean your bird

Take your bird to the specific location

It is possible to teach your bird how to do its needs in a specific location. You need to start by knowing your bird’s body language and identifying when it will need itself. As soon as the signs are spotted, you can place your bird in a specific location. Once the bird has done its needs, pronounce a clear order and congratulate it.

Encourage him when he does it right

You can teach your bird how to make its needs to order. Place your bird above a specific location and give a clear order. When he does his needs, reward your bird. He will understand that he is congratulated wherever he is but when he acts on orders. These two apprenticeships are not without risks.

The risks associated with this learning

You can train your bird to clean but there are risks associated with this learning. Birds do not have a sphincter. Naturally, they are therefore not “designed” to hold back. Forcing or trying to wait can lead to swelling, irritation or even infection of the cloaca. There may even be a prolapse or out of the cloaca. The bird can make a bad association during training. He may associate the action of making his bee with the attention you show him at that very moment. For him, it’s attention and he may force himself to make his droppings in order to get your attention. He cannot master the concept of cleanliness. By observing his bird well, it’s easy to know when he’s going to make his droppings. It is then enough to place it in the right place but without necessarily making it an obligation for him.

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