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cockatiel night fright

parrots Night frights happen once one thing scares a bird within the darkness, and he thrashes around the cage. This usually happens to cockatiels, however, it will happen to any  bird. Night frights are unit dangerous as a result of a bird thrashing around a cage will severely injure itself. Most vulnerable are unit the eyes, blood feathers, feet, and beak.

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If your bird has night frights, initially try and verify the cause. maybe it’s too dark within the bird’s area. If so, infix a nightlight to envision if that helps. maybe the area is just too lightweight, and also the bird will see shadows or alternative pets moving around? during this case, cowl the bird to envision if the beating stops.

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Is the area wherever your bird sleeps peaceful, or are unit there interruptions and noise within the night? somebody obtaining up for a time of day snack is enough to prompt night frights, as are unit the glare of headlights through a window. A bird at midnight is extremely vulnerable, therefore it’s natural that the bird would air the lookout for danger.

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If you’ve tried a couple of remedies and also the thrashing continues, take into account obtaining the bird a smaller cage to sleep in at midnight, that you’ll detain a quiet back area. place solely some of perches and food and water dishes within the cage, and line it with towels at the start.